Identity Verification for Trademark Filings with USPTO

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The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office recently started requiring identity verification for users filing trademark documents on its online portal. Previously, a user could simply log into the USPTO website portal and file a trademark document. Now, only verified users can access the USPTO portal to file a trademark application or any other trademark document required by the USPTO.

The USPTO has two ways to verify your identity: (1) on paper; or (2) online.

To verify your identity on paper, go to the Trademark Identity Verification webpage. Scroll down to “Paper Verification”. Download and complete the form, get your signature notarized, and mail or fax to the USPTO.

To verify your identity online you will need a camera with an internet connection and a government-issued photo ID. You can either self-verify using biometric data, or go through an online agent for verification.

Perhaps the easiest way is to contact Adams Law Office. Sharon Adams is already verified with the USPTO and can file application, response to an office action, maintenance filing, or any other trademark document that must be filed with the USPTO.