Registered Trademark Needed for Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Rush to Register Trademarks Is On!

More and more independent merchants are opening businesses and using online platforms to sell their products or services. Amazon is a key player in the online market. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos says that independent merchants account for 58% of the company’s gross merchandise sales. Amazon itself accounts for an estimated 38% of the total U.S. online commerce.

Amazon is encouraging independent merchants to use its platform by taking steps to prevent infringement of merchant’s brand names. Amazon’s Brand Registry program protects merchants in the competitive global marketplace by providing protection within the Amazon platform.

Amazon Brand Registry Requires Registered Trademark.

The Amazon Brand Registry protects sellers by proactively removing suspected infringing content.

A merchant must have a registered trademark to be in the Brand Registry program so that Amazon has evidence that the merchant has legal rights to the brand name.

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The Brand Registry allows merchants to search for infringing content and have the infringing content removed, all within the Amazon Brand Registry platform. This is a huge benefit to independent merchants because it does not require going to court or any other type of legal intervention to stop infringement. Amazon itself will remove the infringing content.

It appears that an increasing number of independent merchants will use the Amazon platform to sell products or services. Amazon reports that more than 130,000 brands are registered worldwide in its Brand Registry. Each one of these has a registered trademark.

It’s time to apply for a trademark to compete in the global online marketplace — or in a brick and mortar store!

A registered trademark protects the brand name, products, or services of companies that sell products online, whether on Amazon or another platform. Adams Law Office can assist with applying for a trademark to protect your products or services.  Contact Adams Law Office if you have questions about trademarks.

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