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What’s In a Name? Unicorn Latte v. Unicorn Frappuccino

A juice shop in Brooklyn NY created the Unicorn Latte, and filed for federal trademark registration. After getting some good publicity for the Unicorn Latte, Starbucks began selling Unicorn Frappuccino. Now, the owners of the juice shop seeking damages for trademark infringement from Starbucks

Copyright Trolls Update

A previous article discussed how Getty Images, Inc. and other image licensing companies routinely send out demand letters claiming copyright infringement based on a one-time or accidental use of an image in a blog or other online forum.     If you are the...

Trademark Basics

Trademarks are an important business asset.  Trademarks have different aspects.  A trademark can function as a brand name to identify the goods or services provided by a business.  Trademarks are also an aspect of the "goodwill" of a business, and can be important in...